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Organic Ceylon Bop 1

Organic Ceylon Op Decaffeinated

Organic Early Morning Tea

Russian Blend

Strong-aromatic broken tea, full-bodied with dark cup 

Gently decaffeinated leaf tea with a mild taste

Blend of Darjeeling and Ceylon teas; stimulating with a spicy taste

A blend of different Keemun, Darjeeling and Assam teas; smooth and aromatic taste

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Organic Earl Grey Blue

Organic English Breakfast Tea Organic Black Rose-Chamomile Tea Organic Black Karamell
Black tea, natural flavoring, Bergamot, cornflower petals A blend of different Assam and Ceylon teas; golden infusion and a very aromatic taste Black tea-Chamomile Blend rose petals, rose buds, orange pieces, natural flavoring, strawberry chips, sunflower petals, cornflower petals Black tea with chunks of caramel
Advent (Christmas Tea) Organic Black Currant Kaffee Latte (High Caffeine Tea) Organic Lemon-Ginger Tea
Black tea, candied pineapple pieces, apple chunks, orange peel, almond chips, cinnamon chips Black tea, whole black currants, black currant leaves Black tea, dark roasted coffee beans, cornflower petals Black tea, lemon grass, ginger bits, lemon peel
Baked Cinnamon-Apple Tea Summer Fantasy Organic Persian Apple-Ginger Tea Organic Jamaican Rose Paradise
Black tea-green tea, black apple chunks, almond chips, cinnamon, cinnamon sticks Black tea, lemon grass, candied pineapple pieces, candied papaya pieces, sunflower petals, cornflower petals, strawberry slices Black tea, apple chunks, ginger bits, Rose petals, cardamom, safflower petals Black tea-rose petals blend, rose buds, candied pineapple pieces, candied papaya pieces, whole currants, cornflower petals
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Organic Blood Orange-Marigold Tea Strawberry Champagne    
Black tea, blood orange peel, marigold petals, orange blossom, hibiscus petals Black tea, all natural champagne flavor, strawberry chips, safflower petals